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MagiCig are a UK based seller of high quality electronic cigarettes.Their electronic cigarettes do not contain any tar, tobacco or any of the 4000+ chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. They can be smoked anywhere and are non-flammable. Furthermore they do not leave any lingering unpleasant odours.MagiCig offer rechargeable electronic cigarettes and refills that are 100% compatible with each other, have no messy liquids to refill, or confusing instructions to follow.The refills come in a huge range of flavours; Tobacco High, Tobacco Low, Tobacco Medium, Menthol, Vanilla, Strawberry, Grape, Cola and Cherry. They also come in different sized packs of refills which give great value for money.MagiCig is committed to quality, having carried out extensive research and development under the strictest quality assurance standards. The products have been tested thoroughly to ensure that the look, taste and construction of the products are of the highest possible quality.

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