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From March 2016 our shop RouwboeketBestellen.nl operates as an advertiser in the Daisycon network. With another shop (123BloemenBestellen.nl active within Daisycon since early 2015), we saw that most transactions take place for the product mourning flowers.Somewhere that is quite logical because mourning flower orders in terms of turnover many times (about 3 times) higher than the normal traditional bouquet. Based on this fact and experience with affiliate we decided to take our specialist shop RouwboeketBestellen.nl Daisycon active within the network.With an average conversion of 6.80% is the success rate of RouwboeketBestellen.nlup to as average. This is due to the user-friendly and convenient ordering process and of course the beautiful assortment of flowers mourning (mourning bouquets, rouwbiedermeiers, wreaths, mourning pieces and special shapes).We are active online with flowers since the summer of 2008. Twice a year we carry out major updates to our web shops to be as familiar as possible and always the experience of our customers in this way. For consumers online ordering funeral flowers is an emotional affair. A funeral bouquet as a final farewell to a deceased loved one is listening very closely in progress and the visitor is called upon to be knowledgeable online.Publishers of our future we desire, therefore, to consider promoting our campaign. Funeral Arrangements just have a heavy emotional load.We are always open to answer your questions.

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