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 4 My Earth

Organic funky products to help Earth - Bags, Lunch Bags, Organic TShirts, 4MyEarth Eco Wraps and pockets, Fundraising, 4 My Earth organic produce bags, Specials.4MyEarthÃ?® Fabrics that we use for our wraps and pockets is manufactured under strict conditions to ensure that there are no harmful substances present while been manufactured and at the same time being conscious of our environment. Our unique and environmentally friendly coating (TPU) that is PVC & phthalate free keeps food fresh, is non-toxic, breathable and conforms to FDA standards. The coating it self is heavy metal free and naturally decomposes with out harm to the environment, unlike PUL which is not biodegradable. Tests conducted by SGS which evaluates and screens for any harmful substances present within processed textiles intended to come into contact with consumers are done so to meet those standards of Oeko-Tex 100 standards.

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